Sunday, September 10, 2017

Business meeting Sept 25th

Don't forget the business meeting is September 25th!

Acrylic classes Sept 11th and 18th Materials list

Please join us for Mark Jackson's acrylic classes on September 11th and 18th at 7:00 at the Murfreesboro Art League's Gallery at the back of Canonsburg.  The gates will be open but please follow the following rules: Do not park on any sidewalk. Don’t park on the inner circle, so fire truck can get through. Don’t park past end of garden, so fire truck can get to the hydrant. Thanks!  

Non-members may participate free for the first class and the second class will cost $15.00.  If you are a non-member and have participated in our classes previously, the cost is $15.00. 

Acrylic Classes - Sept. 11 & 18th
Cadmium White
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Red
Yellow Ochre
Hookers Green
Chrome Oxide Green
Brushes: they can be old watercolor brushes or old (clean) oil brushes.
Just a small assortment of flats and rounds.
3/4” flat
1/2” flat
#2 round
#6 bristle fan
2 Canvas’: 8”x10
Something to put your paints on. I prefer a porcelian tray.
I personally use one that is 20” x 12” x 2” deep. The deeper the better, you will see why at the class.
Other Stuff: #2 Pencil, Kneaded Eraser, Transfer Paper, Scotch Tape, Paper Towels, Spray Bottle, Trash Bag
And a jump drive for your computer! It’s a surprise!

If there are any questions, please email Mark at


Materials needed for the pastel classes by Reba Hinkle on the first three Monday nights of October at Murfreesboro Art League

     For the first class, we will be painting a still life on 9 x 12 sanded paper, 145 lb., 400 and 600 grit, which you can purchase from the presenter the night of the class for $2.65 for UART premium sanded pastel paper or $3.35 for Pastel Premier 9 x 12 sanded paper, 400 grit.  The grit size 400 is fine and 600 is a little thicker grit.  If you wish, you may bring your own paper or a sanded board.  If you do not want to use a sheet of sanded paper, we will have 11 x 14 inch pastel paper available at no cost.   
     For the second and third classes, we will be painting a red rose from a picture on Strathmore Pastel paper, 80 lb. 400 Series.  I used a light blue pastel paper but you can use whatever color you like.  Pastel paper will be provided free or bring your own.
     The pastels I will be using are Mungyo Soft Pastels (90 set).  They are a good pastel (bright colors and little chalk).  The cheaper you go, or if you use student quality like Faber-Castell, there will be more chalk and less color.  Brighter colors make better paintings.  But if you are not sure you want to invest money in them right now, try to buy the highest quality pastels you can afford (I try to get them on sale!).  You can use full sticks or half sticks and they are available for purchase individually at art supply stores.  Half sticks are better for covering large areas.  Look at the reds, yellows, and blues!!!  You especially need good red colors and a lot of pastels available do not have a good reds.
     The colors I will be using for a still life painting will be:  Chrome Green Light (dark green); Chrome Green Deep (A lighter dark green); Olive Green IV (lime green or light green); Bluish Green I (blue/green); Indian Red (Dark Reddish purple); Madder Red Deep (Deep Red); Burnt Umber; Burnt sienna; Light oxide Red (medium light range); Light Oxide Red (light red) and Very Light yellow (almost white). 
     The colors I will be using for the rose pastel painting are:  Madder Lake Deep (Dark Red); Carmine (Med. Red); Rose Pink (Light rose/red); Orange; Chrome Green Deep (Dark green); Phthalo Green (Medium green); Chrome Green Light (Light green); Burnt Sienna (medium brown); Mars Violet (Dark Brownish); White; and a “Schmincke” brand Neutral Gray or any medium gray (used to section paper into halves and thirds).
     You will also need the following:  A slender, long handled brush for measuring; a kneaded rubber eraser; paper towels or cloths; and a board or piece of cardboard for support with clips and paper tape to attach the paper to the board, or a sanded prepared board.  If you have a table-top easel, bring that if you want to sit.  Stand-up easels are available at our gallery.  Pastel paintings need to be done standing straight on an easel. Optional items are paper stumps and rubber gloves (we may have some rubber gloves at the gallery).  For the second class, you will need a medium size round brush (1/2“to or a 1”) as we will do a background wash in two medium pastel tones using alcohol to wash.
     If you need more information, please email me at .
                                                  See you in October!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mark Jackson's acrylic classes Monday 11th and 18th

Come join Mark for instruction in acrylic painting of clouds.  See materials listing in a previous post.
Non-Members may participate free for the fist class they attend but pay $15.00 per class thereafter.  The theme will be clouds.