Friday, March 26, 2021

Gallery opening in April

 This year, the Murfreesboro Art League will be open from April through the end of October. Our "grand opening" for spring will be on Saturday, April 3 from 10 - 4. We've got new art on the walls and are ready for visitors. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Dues are due / Welcome spring!

 HI everyone! We are continuing with open studios on Monday nights. It is time for our spring re-opening soon! Cannonsburgh will be opening 1 month early, so we still have one more week to bring in paintings to display. To display, dues must be paid up.

Dues can be paid this Monday at the business meeting (where we will meet for 1/2 hour and paint together for 1.5 hours.) OR you can pay Phyllis (treasurer) through snail mail -For address information, contact her at:

I'm ATTEMPTING to add a PayPal button for a 3rd option. Let's see if this works!

Membership dues

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

November Newsletter

 Sorry I haven't posted the newsletters here in a while, but basically, everything has not changed since the beginning of the summer. We are still having Open Studio every Monday night instead of classes, because we're such a small space. Unfortunately, this means we can only fit about 10-12 people at a time with social distancing.

Here's what's going on for November!

Murfreesboro Art League

November 2020


Rotunda Show is still set for December.  Thank you to all the members who sent photos of their art. I will assemble them to send to the city and make some articles about it. Please stop sending pictures now.

It is not too late to make art for the show. It looks like we can fit about 50 pieces, so we need to know how many people are attending.

·        by Sun, Nov 8 – Please send me your name and how many pieces you plan to include

·        by Sun, Nov 15 – I will need a list of your artwork in the spreadsheet which will be sent to those who respond only. PLEASE DO NOT TYPE THIS INFO IN AN EMAIL UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT ACCESS THE SPREADSHEET. It takes a long time for me to re-format all that information for 50ish pieces!


November meetings are “open studio.” This would be a good time to work on something for Christmas cards OR the Rotunda show!


Christmas Party is Dec 7 at 7. We will still do Dirty Santa. We can just sanitize our hands. Masks will be required. It is becoming apparent that the virus is not spread by food, so we will discuss the possibility of food (maybe order boxed dinners or something?? Let me know your thoughts! Also, who is interested in coming?


Showcase artist for November is Phyllis Razo.

Linebaugh artist for November will be Anna Markwoski??

We still need artists for the case at Linebaugh for November and December. If no one wishes to do this, Anna will stay in there another month.

Upcoming events:

Fri open studio time (Nov 6,13,20,27) – Gallery open to public.

Sat open studio – Nov 7,14,21,28 (Please sign up here- (so we can be sure ONE person won’t be doing it alone.)

Mondays (Nov 2,9,16,30) – Open Studio (NO SIGN-UP Genius. We’re averaging only 6, so just come on. We’ll spread out.)

Nov 23- Business mtg/ELECTIONS!!

Dec 7 - Christmas Party 7pm -unsure if we are having food yet!               


PLEASE NOTE: The end of November is usually the last time we are there in the daytime. However, with the new Cannonsburgh office set-up, they have been leaving the gates open, even if the buildings are not open. This means we can still do open studio, even if there are few visitors during the winter months. We will let you know at the end of November if we are still having daytime open studio!

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

May/June newsletter

May/June newsletter - click link.

I hope soon things will get back to normal. I've included lots of photos this time, so if you want to see them, please click the link above. Unfortunately, this platform makes me enter and format each one individually. Here's just the bare bones:

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter – 
May and June

I hope this finds everyone healthy and still creating! I know we all miss the group chatter, but if you want, we can do a Zoom meeting just to catch up. I was hoping to do it during our regular meeting time, but then I realized this is Memorial Day this coming Monday. Therefore, I will set one for the following Monday, June 1. I’ll send a link later so it will be fresh and easier to find.
Did you know???
We have a “member group” on Facebook. Some of our members have been posting their works in progress, and Joan has even posted some learning opportunities! (Thanks, Joan!) We also will have links to newsletters, minutes, and our membership roster. What else would y’all like to see on the page that is for members only? *You must be a paid member to see the page, due to sensitive information, like the phone list.
Some good/bad news:
The Center for the Arts Show will be postponed until they know when they can start accepting patrons. I’m not exactly sure how that will work, though. If you would like, they ARE doing a thing where they are accepting 2 pictures per person for a virtual gallery. Please sign up so we can have good representation for MAL. The deadline is the 27th, so you only have a week left to enter. Here’s the link:

We currently don’t have a Linebaugh library artist of the month, but good news- I’ve been following them, and they are discussing ways to open up on a limited basis. I’ll let you know when they want artists back again. We will probably have to just keep our list as is right now. If you have missed your month, we will try to reschedule you.

has been having free virtual events if you need to get a bit of art mojo pumping in your blood to inspire yourself to get painting. Click on the link above for more info.

In other news. . .  
The board will need to meet soon to set our parameters for how we plan to open back up. I understand that many people are wary of opening things too soon. We also must follow City of Murfreesboro guidelines for each Phase of their opening plan. Shelia will let us know when we can open, but it would be best to have a plan in place.

Photo credits: 1) Robin Charlton, 2) Wendy Loren, and 3) Sharon Trevathan

Dates to remember:
·         Sadly, right now, all events have been cancelled until further notice

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