Sunday, May 24, 2020

May/June newsletter

May/June newsletter - click link.

I hope soon things will get back to normal. I've included lots of photos this time, so if you want to see them, please click the link above. Unfortunately, this platform makes me enter and format each one individually. Here's just the bare bones:

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter – 
May and June

I hope this finds everyone healthy and still creating! I know we all miss the group chatter, but if you want, we can do a Zoom meeting just to catch up. I was hoping to do it during our regular meeting time, but then I realized this is Memorial Day this coming Monday. Therefore, I will set one for the following Monday, June 1. I’ll send a link later so it will be fresh and easier to find.
Did you know???
We have a “member group” on Facebook. Some of our members have been posting their works in progress, and Joan has even posted some learning opportunities! (Thanks, Joan!) We also will have links to newsletters, minutes, and our membership roster. What else would y’all like to see on the page that is for members only? *You must be a paid member to see the page, due to sensitive information, like the phone list.
Some good/bad news:
The Center for the Arts Show will be postponed until they know when they can start accepting patrons. I’m not exactly sure how that will work, though. If you would like, they ARE doing a thing where they are accepting 2 pictures per person for a virtual gallery. Please sign up so we can have good representation for MAL. The deadline is the 27th, so you only have a week left to enter. Here’s the link:

We currently don’t have a Linebaugh library artist of the month, but good news- I’ve been following them, and they are discussing ways to open up on a limited basis. I’ll let you know when they want artists back again. We will probably have to just keep our list as is right now. If you have missed your month, we will try to reschedule you.

has been having free virtual events if you need to get a bit of art mojo pumping in your blood to inspire yourself to get painting. Click on the link above for more info.

In other news. . .  
The board will need to meet soon to set our parameters for how we plan to open back up. I understand that many people are wary of opening things too soon. We also must follow City of Murfreesboro guidelines for each Phase of their opening plan. Shelia will let us know when we can open, but it would be best to have a plan in place.

Photo credits: 1) Robin Charlton, 2) Wendy Loren, and 3) Sharon Trevathan

Dates to remember:
·         Sadly, right now, all events have been cancelled until further notice

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

Trying something new! Let's see if this works. Well, that's sort of strange. You can click on the little box in the lower right to expand it or scroll side to side and up and down.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

March Newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter

March 2019

What’s up?

*Tomorrow, (Mar 2), Glen Emery will be bringing some frames for us to look at. Some are slightly scratched, or maybe they need a coat of spray-paint. They are good quality solid wood frames, though – for a super price.

FRIDGE is here!

Mark was able to find a great, slightly scratched fridge (Whirlpool) for only $350, so we have some money left in that budget. Items to purchase were discussed, with a rolling cart for the tv coming in tops on our lists. Next on the list was some sort of rack system to show our cards and prints. If you have an idea for the cart or racks, put a link on the FB GROUP (not the actual page).

 Upcoming classes:

March will be open studio, so bring something to work on and chat with friends. If you have questions about how to fix something, just ask! (March 2, 9, and 16)

April classes will be “Back to Basics” with April 6-“The Value of Value” Jim Cattanach, April 13 “A Fresh Perspective” with Suzanne LeBeau, and April 20 “Color Theory- Beyond Red, Yellow and Blue” with Suzanne.

Friday Friends-

Our Friday group will be starting back up. So far, we have - Kathleen, Phyllis, Joan, Dorothy, Robyn listed as interested. This is weather permitting right now, because Cannonsburgh will close due to weather. Please let Phyllis know if you are interested.

How can it be that time already?

We will be hanging new art for our big spring opening in late April (at Pioneer Days on Apr 25.) We will accept art on March 23 at the next business meeting or March 30 at the potluck (Eatin’ Meetin’). Please bring the equivalent of 5 (up to 16 wide). Use your best judgement. If you have all larger pieces, go ahead and bring them, but if we have many entries, some might be left out.


We had a great time with our live models this year at the drawing classes. It was especially fun to have our newest model, Colonel! Please thank our models, too!

Cannonsburgh Yard Sale

We have several members who have said they are interested in participating in the yard sale. We will show our stuff on the porch and inside on the tables. If you bring it and it doesn’t sell, YOU are responsible for removal. Please plan to stay all day. (til noon) Contact Randy for more info.

Dates to remember:

Events are at the art league building at the back of Cannonsburgh village unless otherwise noted!

·      March 2, 9, 16 – Open studio

·      March 2 – Glen Emery brings frames to show/sell

·      March 6, 13, 20, 27– Our Friday group will start back up. If you are interested, let Phyllis or Kathleen know. *WEATHER PERMITTING

·      March 9- Suzanne will bring some more frames

·      March 12 – Mitchell Nielson school art night from 5-6:35. Let me (Suzanne) know if you are interested. (at the school)

·      March 18 – Gallery cleanup day 10 pm (self-explanatory!)

·      March 23 at 6 pm – updating bylaws

·      March 23 at 7pm – regular members’ meeting

·      March 28 – Cannonsburgh Yard Sale

·      Apr 6 – Value with Jim

·      Apr 3, 10, 17, 24 Friday group *see Mar

·      Apr 13 – Perspective with Suzanne

·      Apr 20 Color theory with Suzanne

·      Apr 21 – Hobgood school arts night (at the school)

·      Apr 25 Pioneer Days – SPRING OPENING OF GALLERY

·      Apr – 27 Business mtg 7pm

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

February Newsletter

February 2020
In this issue:
• Library artists of the month
• 2020 Calendar
• Time to pay Dues
• Oaklands Show
• Special shows
•Feb classes

Let's Start with the FEB classes!
February Classes will be figure drawing from life with Kylee Harrison. We’ll have a live model and do several drawings to help get proportions right. Registration is required. See your emails. Supply list is included in the sign-up. Remember: Classes are free for members, but $15 each class for the public.


Library artists of the month:
We have Linebaugh artists of the month set up for most of the year. If you want to participate, let one of the board members know. See the current exhibits page for a better view.
Jan– Suzanne, Feb—Mark, March— Randy, Apr—Dorothy, May—Joan, June—Anna, July—Jim, Aug—Robin, Sept—Phyllis

 WOW- We actually have our calendar done EARLY! WOOT! 
The calendar is MOSTLY set for the year. There might be some changes, later, though. You might want to bookmark the page to return to it.
MAL 2020 Calendar of Events GRRR—I’m using Publisher for the first time, and it won’t let me insert the link on the words! You’ll have to click below.  https:// event-calendar.html
Calendar of events

Yep, pay your DUES. 
It’s that time again! DUES are DUE Please make sure you bring your dues to the next meeting and/or class. Remember, classes cost $15 for the general public, so if you want to avoid that fee, please pay ASAP.
February Classes will be figure drawing from life with Kylee Harrison. We’ll have a live model and do several drawings to help get proportions right. Registration is required. See your emails.

Oaklands Show went GREAT! Thanks for all the help. Several people donated items for decoration, came early for set-up, helped that evening, and took things down. The event went great. We had over 400 people come through and sold several pieces of art, cards, and prints. This one’s a keeper for next year

We ‘ll have not ONE, but TWO special shows this year ! *Center for the Arts  from May 18—Aug 10 (Reception June 12) and the Rotunda from Dec 8-Jan 8 (Reception Dec 11)