Friday, October 29, 2010

MAL October Newsletter

It was so exciting to see 18 members present at our October business meeting.  Our new board has been working hard to jump right into their positions and folks were curious about upcoming events!  The most important note of the night was that the paperwork has been completed and we are OFFICIAL again!  Our non-profit status has been reinstated.  Our tentative contract was summarized at the meeting. 
We will vote on the contract at our November meeting.

Since several people have expressed interest in more classes and possibly getting professionals to teach, we brainstormed several ideas.  We decided to keep having the free classes taught by members on Monday nights, but IN ADDITION, we will ask various professionals to teach.  Some of the ideas are asking Tommy Ellis, Arlene Shoemaker, possibly a portrait specialist, and some from the University or The Attic.  Teachers would set their own prices (giving us a great deal, for use of the studio, of course.)  Non-members would be encouraged to attend, but pay an extra $5 per class to help defray overhead expenses.  We also plan to look into kids classes as well as family events.
·        This Fri – Our own Claire Smith will be teaching at The Attic School of Art. (See attachments for more information.)
·        Nov 1,8, & 15 – We’ve added a workshop!  Claire will be doing a different abstract painting class based on contemporary expressionist painters like Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Miro and Jackson Pollack.  Supplies are VERY flexible:  any medium, especially liquid acrylics if you have them, brushes, and canvas boards, sheets, or whatever you want to paint on.  The third week will be a special class on Sumi Oriental brush painting, so please bring a bamboo brush if you have one.
·        Dec 6 – class (to be announced) Possibly a class on framing or new products.
·        Dec 9 – Symphony Show:  The board members will each show 2 paintings.
·        Dec 11 – (Sat)  We will help with the Cannonsburgh Christmas from 1-4.  We will serve hot cider and chocolate and have the gallery open.
·        Dec 13 – This will be our Christmas party.  We are to bring a pot-luck dish and a small piece of art that we have made for our Christmas exchange.
Please let us know if you have any great ideas about a good teacher, something you want to learn, or even if you just have some news you want us to share with the membership!
If you are interested in showing a few pieces somewhere, why not start at the Linebaugh Library?  They have a rotating artist area.  Please contact Helen Minton if you are interested. 
We NEED artists to display their work, and get the word out about MAL!!

Remember to change any old bookmarks or URL info that you may have stored in  your current contact information files from MRAL  to MAL. 

***The new web address is