Wednesday, October 27, 2010

September/October Newsletter

Hi  Members,
There will be no scheduled classes in September, but please feel welcome to come down and work on your own project.  Members will be there to assist you if you have any questions with your work.
Pat Myers will be teaching a fun class in Acrylics in October.  This class is focusing on encouraging the artist to work very free and loose (messy!).  The first requirement is to wear old or painting clothes, not your Sunday best!!  Paint could be flying around a bit. Also wear comfortable shoes since you will be standing by your table as you paint.  Also you will need to bring a roll of paper towels and a container to hold your water.
If you already have acrylic paint and brushes, feel free to bring your supplies with you.
For those that do not have acrylic paints and brushes, the following is the minimum amount of supplies you will need ( much of it can be picked up at Wa-lmart and/or Hobby Lobby for a minimum investment). Remember not to use your watercolor and oil brushes for acrylic paints.  It is best to keep separate brushes for each medium.  Also acrylic paint has a tendency to ruin brushes.
                               1 --140 lb sheet of water color paper  11 by 15 inches
                               A minimum of 1 natural hair round brush  (Size 6 or 8) with a long handle
                                    try to get a brush  that will form a point and hold a lot of paint.  Other brushes, flats etc.
                                    may be used if you want to bring them along.
                               2  canvas  at least 11 by 14 inches--The canvas can be canvas board, canvas paper 
                                     or a stretched canvas.
                               1 set of paints (example Wal-mart has a set with several colors for $6.50)
                                      If you already have acrylic paint, bring a red, blue, yellow, green, brown, violet, brown
                                      and white (you may use Gesso for your white)
                                 A small watercolor or acrylic palette with wells for holding paint is recommended
                                 Optional--water soluble pencil
                                 Optional-- an old or unwanted 8 by 10 inch mat with a 5 by 7 inch opening any color)
For the first class you will need to have your watercolor paper heavily covered with Gesso (an acrylic priming medium)  The gesso does not have to be smoothly applied to the paper, our Teacher, Pat Myers says that  lumpy
and bumpy will create wonderful surprises with the loose and free technique she will be teaching.  You will also need to have one canvas primed with Gesso.  These materials need to be prepared at home so they have time to dry before the first Monday night in October.
The second class will be finishing up the two paintings started in the first class.
You may bring any mediums (texture mediums--sand, gel mediums, glass bead medium, heavy bodied medium, drizzles, etc.) you would like to experiment with to the third class in October.  The other primed (with Gesso) canvas will be used for this class.
The Center For The Arts will be accepting our paintings on Monday, October 4, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Please be sure to include your Artist Card which should contain the following information: Title of Artwork, Medium used, Artist name, Contact information and price of of artwork if it is for sale.  Please be sure the card is attached securely to the back of the painting, because the Center will be hanging the exhibit.  Pick-up date and time will be announced later.  If you need help getting your paintings for the Center for the Arts, let us know and we will try to help.
We also want to remind everyone to attend the September 27 business meeting at 7:00 pm.  We will be nominating and electing the new officers at this meeting.  Hope to see you there.
Linda Nesvik