Monday, January 3, 2011

February-"Painting with Paper" Workshop with Heloise Shilstat

Heloise has sent the list for our February classes.  I'm sending this now, so you can start collecting magazines! If you have questions, you can contact her at:
Materials for painting with paper:
Cardboard  (not corrugated) or foam board (I suggest 10 by something.)  This can be the kind found in shirts, back of notebooks, poster board, mat board, etc.
Magazines with slick paper
Scissors for cutting a smooth edge  (But we won’t be cutting out any images.)
Elmer’s glue (Clear is best.)
Jar cap or other small container to hold some glue
Any small paint brush
Container for water to keep the brush moist
Kitchen wipe (Keep this damp to clean your hands and wipe up messes.)
Parchment paper to keep the collage from sticking to other surfaces
A heavy book or other flat object to keep your picture flat while it cures

I have a desk calendar with Georgia O’Keefe pictures that look like they would be great for practicing painting with paper, and you will start by copying your choice of them.