Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January/February Newsletter

A Letter from the Murfreesboro Art League President:
Hello fellow members of Murfreesboro Art League. I wanted to fill you in on all the wonderful opportunities we are planning over the next few months.
But, first and foremost I must talk about our dues. Dues are due by March 1. Please note: we will not accept dues on a day we hang a show!! If you want to show your work any time during 2011 through MAL, then please submit your dues before March 1.  If your dues are not up to date we will not include your work in our show. There are no exceptions. Thanks! If dues are paid AFTER March 1 (other than new members), a 90 day waiting period will be upheld before you will be considered in good standing again and can exhibit your work. 
Please submit dues by bringing check, cash, or money order to one of the meetings OR you can mail check or money order to MAL, 1219 White Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN 37129. Please don't send CASH through the mail.
Current dues are:
Student = $20
Seniors (65+) = $35
Individual = $45
Family = $50
Lifetime membership= $500
Also, THANK YOU if you have already paid.  We already have 23 members that have paid in January, including several new members.  (Welcome!)
During January we have had a wonderful workshop on a batik technique taught by Bob Allard. The piece is magnificent. Since we missed a week because of the weather (it reminds me of home – Wisconsin), the class will have its final meeting on Monday, January 31. We will not have our regular meet and eat meeting that day.
For February, Heloise Shilstat will be leading a class in painting with paper. Below is a list of supplies needed:
Materials for painting with paper:
·         Cardboard  (not corrugated) or foam board (I suggest 10 by something.)  This can be the kind found in shirts, back of notebooks, poster board, mat board, etc.
·         Magazines with slick paper
·         Scissors for cutting a smooth edge  (But we won’t be cutting out any images.)
·         Elmer’s glue (Clear is best.)
·         Jar cap or other small container to hold some glue
·         Any small paint brush
·         Container for water to keep the brush moist
·         Kitchen wipe (Keep this damp to clean your hands and wipe up messes.)
·         Parchment paper to keep the collage from sticking to other surfaces
·         A heavy book or other flat object to keep your picture flat while it cures

She has a desk calendar with Georgia O’Keefe pictures that look like they would be great for practicing painting with paper, and you will start by copying your choice of them.

March: for the first two Mondays in March we will have opportunities for everyone to use irises as inspiration for your work. We will have pictures of various irises and encourage you to develop a piece to display in our Iris Show this Spring. The 3rd Monday of March will feature a workshop on framing. We will hang our Spring Exhibit on the 4th Monday. Please gather your new art to exhibit. Pieces need to be ready to hang and less than 3 years old.
LIBRARY NEWS: Please bring back any MAL library books you have borrowed. We are beginning to re-organize and inventory our books. Thanks!
Ongoing opportunities:
Tommy Ellis – intermediate/advanced watercolors taught on Thursday evenings.  Questions? Contact Tommy at 869-8195.
Arlene Shoemaker – daytime watercolor workshops started Dec. 7 and are running for 10 weeks. Call Arlene at 962-7837 for more information.  Cost is $20 per session.  Classes start at 10 am and run for 2 ½ hours.  You will be working on reflective surfaces from your own photos.
We are not currently open on Fridays for you to come and work. We will begin open art Fridays the 1st of April from 10am to 3pm. By the way – we need suggestions for a name for our Fridays. Any ideas? Please email
And in the future . . .
Cannonsburgh will open for the season on April 16.
We hope to have a gallery open house for the public the last weekend in April.
Harry Polny has agreed to teach a photography class when the days (aka light) last longer.
Speaking of Harry:  He will be having his works on display in the Linebaugh Library display area during the month of February.  Go check it out!
Nanette Mathe