Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carol Berning - April featured artist at Linebaugh Library

As a toddler, I sat on the floor underneath quilts in large frames as my mother, grandmothers, and their friends created delicate, feathery patterns with their stitches. Gazing up at the “stained glass” fabric, I watched them push their tiny quilting needles through the layers of muslin, cottony batting, and colorful squares.
That is my earliest memory of beautiful art.
Following their lead, I grew up sewing and quilting. Recently I began to explore drawing and painting, first with watercolor. When my husband gave me art lessons for a Christmas present, I began to study under the guidance of Susan Truex, using oils.
I enjoy painting images of people and things that are important to me, whether it’s a still life of feathers and eggs, portraits of my brothers, or landscapes of the family farm.
My first serious portrait was of my recently-deceased older brother, painted at the request of my sister-in-law. Then I painted a portrait of my younger brother.
Then my friend, Judge Steve Daniel, asked me to paint his official portrait to hang in the judicial building in the courtroom in which he had presided prior to his retirement. I was thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to complete his portrait.
I’m also thrilled to have one of my paintings hanging in the library at Blackman Middle School. It’s a figural oil of a young teen-age boy sitting on the library floor, reading a book. I’m presently working on its mate, a painting of a young teen-age girl engrossed in a book.
Many of my still lifes, florals, and landscapes become note cards, which are available as gift sets.
I hope you enjoy my explorations! You can see my work at my website .
I can be contacted at that website or by email or phone.
Carol Berning

March newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter
We had some problems last month with the format of the newsletter, so I’m just going to keep it basic this month. 

   The Rotunda Show has been set up.  We will need volunteers to bring finger foods to the reception which has been changed to a new date.  It had to be moved back to April 12 (4:30-6), because we could not get the fliers mailed out in time with the previous date of tomorrow!  Also, if you have pictures in the Rotunda, please send me a digital copy, so we can post them on the Murfreesboro city web site.
   Claire has asked us to bring our Spring themed art works to the gallery this Fri. between 10 and 2 or next Mon. evening.  If you don’t have something Springy, just bring something anyway!!  She also needs some help with school tours on April 15, 28 and May 5.  Please call her if you can help. (615) 459-0943
   On April 14 we will be having another show at the Symphony.  Set up will be at 6 and the show starts at 7.  It is at Murfreesboro UMC.  You get free symphony tickets if you show your work here!
   We will need people to work the gallery on Sat and Sun every weekend through the summer EXCEPT the first weekend in June.  The blacksmiths are having an event and it will cost $70 to enter that weekend.  We do NOT have to do the art activity with their wives and children as was previously requested.  Our first date will be April 16 when the gallery opens.   It is a big deal with vendors, actors, booths, etc.  We ask that each member work at least 1 day a month to help keep us open.  We don’t have a big enough budget to hire a curator, so we ALL have to put in some “sweat equity” if we are to stay alive as a gallery!
   BIG CHANGE!!!  Due to a conflict in schedules, we will be doing the live models and still life drawings during April.  Oil painting has been moved to May.  Details on supplies for May will be sent at the end of April.
   We’ve decided to change out the gallery several times this year to keep things fresh.  We will have some of the general paintings as usual, but our major focus will change.  June will be “Water,” August will be “Animals,” and October will be “Fall/Winter.”
   Tommy Ellis is starting a new 8 week watercolor session with “Roaring Water” this Thursday.  For info, call:  869-8195.
   The library is now open with new rules.  In order to take a book home, you must have a board member or old member sign you out and pay a $5.00 deposit.  You can keep the book 2 weeks and then renew it once.  The $5.00 will be returned when you sign the book back in.
   On May 2 we will start the show at MidSouth Bank.  We need to bring our paintings between 2 and 2:30 so we will have time to hang them before closing.  It is downtown by the Center for the Arts.  Please enter by the back door.  We will also need some volunteers with a truck that can bring our wire stands from the gallery to the bank. (Suz will e-mail list to request this.)  This show will run through May 27th, when we will have to take down the displays.

Important dates to remember:
·      Now through May 13 – Rotunda show
·      Apr 1 – Start Fun Fridays / Bring Spring art.
·      Apr 4, 11, 18 Live models and still life drawing on Mon nights
·      Apr 12 – Rotunda reception (4:30-6)
·      Apr 14 – Symphony show
·      Apr 15 – School tour (daytime)
·      Apr 16 – Grand opening of Cannonsburgh for spring
·      April 25 – Business meeting
·      May 2 – MidSouth Bank show
·      May 2, 9, 16 – oil painting
·      May 13 – Remove items from Rotunda

Not directly related, but interesting stuff going on:
·      Tom Jones is having demos at Jerry’s Artarama on Sat at 10:30 and 1:30 and a workshop Sun from 11 to 5.
·      Moxie’s 2 day oil painting class is $45.  They also currently have college works on display.
·      Modern Masters is at Cheekwood until June.
·      The Frist Center Celebrates its 10th Birthday with FREE Admission and more!
Friday, April 8 & Saturday, April 9
Free admission both days and special activities.
·      ReTune Nashville Anniversary Celebration: A Music and Art Event  This will be held on May 3.  You must buy advance tickets.
·      EVENT: First Saturday Art Crawl Saturday, Apr 2 at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
·      And since I’ve noticed an increased interest in encaustics,
CLASS: Bee Creative with Encaustics Saturday, Apr 9 at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Edgehill Village $125)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rotunda deadlines approaching!

If you are going to be showing your art in the Rotunda show, you need to send the following information to Phyllis Razo  ASAP so she can make the little cards for us.
Your name
Title of your artwork
size/type of art

We can show the price on a separate list, but it will not be shown directly on the cards.

Also, next Monday is a very important day!  We have to bring out art to the Rotunda between 1 and 3.  We will be hanging it from 3-5 and can use help if you can stay.  The board meeting will follow, then the regular business meeting will be at 7:00 at Cannonsburgh, followed by a short presentation about "Framing on a Budget."


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Having fun at Heloise's Torn Paper Paintings workshop

Some members worked on their own.
Several of us worked on making our versions of Georgia O'Keeffe paintings using many colors of torn magazine pages.


Wow, the Rotunda exhibit is fast approaching.  We will be hanging our art on Monday, March 28th.  We would like you to have your art there between 1 and 3, and we will hang items between 3 and 5.  We REALLY need some folks to help volunteer to help hang.  The Rotunda is part of City Hall and is across the plaza from the Linebaugh Library.  You can park in the underground garage and go up the elevator.  If there is some reason that you canNOT be there between 1 and 3, the only other option is to bring it to the gallery this Monday evening(Mar 21).  This option is for emergencies only, since Claire will possibly be the one taking things over to the Rotunda by herself!  Please call her at 459-0943 or talk to her at the meeting on Monday to make arrangements.

Remember, if your dues were not paid by March 7th, you may not participate in the Rotunda exhibit.
Please send the following information to Phyllis @ by Fri, Mar 18th so she can print up some tags for each piece


artist's name

Date and time for the reception is March 31 from 4-6.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Claire Smith - Linebaugh Library artist of the month

Claire Justine Smith, an abstract painter for over 40 years will be the Linebaugh Library artist of the month. Her focus will be Sumi-E paintings.  Below is her artist's statement:

    I've never felt at home on earth.  I've been a stranger here all my life.  I grew up on the family ranch in the Glass Mountain Range in the Big Bend area of far west Texas, north of Marathon.  I learned to count by counting the stars of the Milky Way as they came out at night, until there were too many stars to count.  I wondered which light in the sky I really belonged on.  Somewhere out there was my real home.
    I lived in Houston, Texas, from 1965 to 1971, during the height of the space program.  My children and I watched through the telescope the points of light moving across the night sky, as the space vehicles circled the earth or headed to the moon.  I wanted to go, too!
    "Space" images began to come to me about 1970, which were first drawn on paper in black ink.  Then I was accepted at the Joan Miro Drawing Competition in Barcelona, Spain, which I entered between 1974 and 1983.  Later, I began drawing "in spaces" images on glass in three dimensions.  At first, they were done in black ink, and later in colored ink.  Where did these images come from?  I decided to find out.
    So, one night, I left the earth and moved out into space.  I moved among the planets, stars, suns, moons, and galaxies galore.  It is beautiful out in the universe, and noisy, too.  Finally, I came to the end of the universe, and there was a wall!  I thought that was strange-so, being the curious Gemini that I am, I decided to climb over and see what was on the other side.   What I saw were all the images I have been drawing floating before me.  My images were real after all!
Biography:  Graduated with a BA from Fontbonne College in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Studied at the San Antonio Art Institute,13-10 Studio, The Art League of Houston, and independent studies.  Exhibited work in the US with the majority being in the Southwest, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France.  Paintings are in collections in the US and Europe.  Author: Thursday's Child, Artful Answers, and featured in Living by Your Brush Alone, by Edna Pierson

February Newsletter

MAL Newsletter - February
We’ve had a fun and sticky Feb!  Our classes with Heloise Shilstat on painting with paper are now over (THANKS Heloise!), so it’s time to move on to March.  In order to prepare for the upcoming Iris show, we will be focusing on painting/drawing irises.  Photos, as well as 8 x 10 photocopies will be shared for reference material.  Oh how I WISH they were currently in bloom!! We will also have a small opaque projector and overhead projector available at least for the first week.  If irises just aren’t your “thing,” then come do free painting! 
We have approved our new flier.  (Thanks, Phyllis!) It should be out within the month.
Cannonsburgh is having an open house on March 19 from 7-12.  We plan to be open for that day, so if you have some artwork, please bring it on the next two Mondays, so we can have a full gallery to show. 
The Rotunda Show will be from Mar. 28-May 13.  The reception date has not yet been set, but the Rev. Ernest Newsom has offered to play saxophone for us.  Also, the MidSouth bank show will be May 2-May 27.  Note that these two shows overlap, so if you don’t have a few current artworks, get crackin’ now so you’ll have time for framing, etc.
Arlene Shoemaker and Tommy Ellis still have discounted watercolor classes on Tues. and Thurs.  Tommy Ellis – intermediate/advanced watercolors taught on Thursday evenings.  Questions? Contact Tommy at 869-8195.  Arlene Shoemaker – daytime watercolor workshops - running for 3 more weeks. Call Arlene at 962-7837 for more information.
Harry Polny has an opportunity to show/sell our works in Bell Buckle.  If you have something smallish (up to 8x10 or 11x14) that might sell to the touristy crowd, bring it next Monday!
Claire Smith is our Linebaugh Library Artist of the Month, and Debbie Mayfield has a show at Stonecrest Hospital.   Congratulations!
Remember to pay your dues by next week. We will be contacting you by phone or e-mail if you still haven’t paid.  Please let us know if there is some problem about paying.  Current dues are:
Student = $20                        Seniors (65+) = $35    Individual = $45
Family = $50               Lifetime membership= $500
Also, THANK YOU if you have already paid.  We already have 40 members that have paid in January and February, including several new members.  (Welcome!)
We want to thank Danny Jones of Bob Parks Realty ( )for supporting us by providing our lock box on the door!