Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Newsletter

MAL Newsletter - February
We’ve had a fun and sticky Feb!  Our classes with Heloise Shilstat on painting with paper are now over (THANKS Heloise!), so it’s time to move on to March.  In order to prepare for the upcoming Iris show, we will be focusing on painting/drawing irises.  Photos, as well as 8 x 10 photocopies will be shared for reference material.  Oh how I WISH they were currently in bloom!! We will also have a small opaque projector and overhead projector available at least for the first week.  If irises just aren’t your “thing,” then come do free painting! 
We have approved our new flier.  (Thanks, Phyllis!) It should be out within the month.
Cannonsburgh is having an open house on March 19 from 7-12.  We plan to be open for that day, so if you have some artwork, please bring it on the next two Mondays, so we can have a full gallery to show. 
The Rotunda Show will be from Mar. 28-May 13.  The reception date has not yet been set, but the Rev. Ernest Newsom has offered to play saxophone for us.  Also, the MidSouth bank show will be May 2-May 27.  Note that these two shows overlap, so if you don’t have a few current artworks, get crackin’ now so you’ll have time for framing, etc.
Arlene Shoemaker and Tommy Ellis still have discounted watercolor classes on Tues. and Thurs.  Tommy Ellis – intermediate/advanced watercolors taught on Thursday evenings.  Questions? Contact Tommy at 869-8195.  Arlene Shoemaker – daytime watercolor workshops - running for 3 more weeks. Call Arlene at 962-7837 for more information.
Harry Polny has an opportunity to show/sell our works in Bell Buckle.  If you have something smallish (up to 8x10 or 11x14) that might sell to the touristy crowd, bring it next Monday!
Claire Smith is our Linebaugh Library Artist of the Month, and Debbie Mayfield has a show at Stonecrest Hospital.   Congratulations!
Remember to pay your dues by next week. We will be contacting you by phone or e-mail if you still haven’t paid.  Please let us know if there is some problem about paying.  Current dues are:
Student = $20                        Seniors (65+) = $35    Individual = $45
Family = $50               Lifetime membership= $500
Also, THANK YOU if you have already paid.  We already have 40 members that have paid in January and February, including several new members.  (Welcome!)
We want to thank Danny Jones of Bob Parks Realty (jonesdan@realtracs.com )for supporting us by providing our lock box on the door!