Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Wow, the Rotunda exhibit is fast approaching.  We will be hanging our art on Monday, March 28th.  We would like you to have your art there between 1 and 3, and we will hang items between 3 and 5.  We REALLY need some folks to help volunteer to help hang.  The Rotunda is part of City Hall and is across the plaza from the Linebaugh Library.  You can park in the underground garage and go up the elevator.  If there is some reason that you canNOT be there between 1 and 3, the only other option is to bring it to the gallery this Monday evening(Mar 21).  This option is for emergencies only, since Claire will possibly be the one taking things over to the Rotunda by herself!  Please call her at 459-0943 or talk to her at the meeting on Monday to make arrangements.

Remember, if your dues were not paid by March 7th, you may not participate in the Rotunda exhibit.
Please send the following information to Phyllis @ PRazo0503@aol.com by Fri, Mar 18th so she can print up some tags for each piece


artist's name

Date and time for the reception is March 31 from 4-6.