Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter – April
   NEXT MONDAY, May 2 (like in a few days folks!!) will be the start of the MidSouth Bank exhibit.  We will have to take our own racks.  Bobbie Ventura has offered to take the racks, but will need help setting up from 2-3.  This is the bank by the Center for the Arts.  We need to go in the back door.
   The Rotunda Show looks FABULOUS!  Thanks to all who helped hang the art, participated, and came to the reception.  Special thanks go to Rev. Ernest Newsom for the lovely music at the reception.  Remember that we have to remove our own art or send someone to do it for us on Fri, May 13 from 3-5. 
  The Iris show at SunTrust Bank will be from May 6 to 8.  (about a WEEK away!!)  Please take an easel for each piece of artwork.  The actual event is the 8th.  We take down the evening of the 8th. (*time pending)
   A thank you note from Sheila of Cannonsburgh was shared for helping with Pioneer Days.  The gallery looked great.  We had over 150 visitors and sold some art!
   Remember that the gallery will be open on Fri from 10-3, Sat from 10-4 (2 separate shifts) and Sun from 1-4.  We have nearly 70 members now, 42 are active adults.  If EVERYONE would pull just 5  3-hour shifts between now and the end of Oct, it would make it much easier on the few who usually end up doing most of the shifts.  Think about it…that’s only about one a month!  We will need people to work the gallery on Fri, Sat and Sun every weekend through the summer EXCEPT the first weekend in June.  If you are going to go paint on our “Fun Fridays,” please call Claire (615) 459-0943 so she can set up a schedule.  If you just want to come chat, that’s fine, too!
   Our Thurs night watercolor class has come to an end.  Since we like watercolor so much, we’ve decided to continue to teach / critique each other on Sun afternoons from 1-4.  Anyone is welcome to join us and it will be FREE!  You can also work with other mediums at this time if you would rather.
   Claire also needs some help with school tours on May 5 and 6.  Please call her if you can help. (615) 459-0943
   The Symphony show was a lot of fun.  Thanks go to Harry Polny, Phyllis Razo, Carol Berning, Bobbie Ventura, and Suzanne LeBeau for their donation of time and effort.
   The new brochures look great.  Come by and pick some up to share with friends, bulletin boards, etc.  Thanks Phyllis, Nanette, and anyone else who helped.
   The Tennessee Watercolor Society will have a DVD demonstration after our May Business meeting on May 23.
   Upcoming classes:  May is oils with Debbie Haggard* See side bar.  June is photography with Harry Polny, and July will be perspective with Clarice Nelson.


Important dates to remember:
·      May 2 – MidSouth Bank show
·      May 5 & 6 School tours
·      May 6-8 SunTrust Iris show
·      May 2, 9, 16 – oil painting
·      May 13 – Remove items from Rotunda
·      May 23 Biz mtg with TWS w/c rep
·      May 27 Remove MidSouth items
·      May 30 Memorial Day, no mtg!
Interesting stuff going on:
·      ReTune Nashville Anniversary Celebration: A Music and Art Event  This will be held on May 3.  You must buy advance tickets.
·      May 6,7 &8 – TACA Arts/Craft fair in Centennial Park
·      May 7 –Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl
·      May 8 – Jazz on the Move at the Frist.  Free adm, discount on parking
·      May 16 - specials for seniors at the Frist
·      May 23 – TN Watercolor Society will have a dvd demonstration after the biz mtg

OIL PAINTING CLASS LIST: Brushes- a couple round size 2 to 8. Filberts are what we will use the most, so a few sizes of this, a 4 or 6 is a good choice, A bright brush  is helpful but not necessary. A rigger is necessary for signing your painting.  Odorless turpenoid(Artist grade is best.) with small jar 
Paper towels  
Rubber gloves
Canvas (Smaller sizes are better for a class project.)
Vine charcoal 
Palette knife 
Limited palette of oil colors: titanium white, Cad medium yellow, yellow ochre,  cad red, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, sap green.  If your colors are close to these but a different name, no problem.  Don’t put your colors on your palette until class if you want to be shown where it is best to place them.