Friday, July 29, 2011

July newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter – July
      If you haven’t been in the gallery lately, you need to come.  It is looking fabulous!  Thanks Claire for hanging the pieces, and thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful talents with us. Be sure to check if your older pieces have been placed in storage upstairs.  If you have work on display, we ask that you work in the gallery a few hours/month.
      Thank you also to everyone who helped with the Uncle Dave Macon Days.  Not only was it a lot of fun, but we met many guests from around the world as well as several prospective new members.
      We are in the process of starting to plan our wine and cheese event.  Phyllis will check if the auto club will do it with us to help defray costs.  We cannot do it with the Friends of Cannonsburgh group yet, because the city is still working on getting their non-profit status confirmed.  It is tentatively set as mid October.
      Speaking of the Friends of Cannonsburgh, they need a logo designed, so they are having a competition. It should have some sort of graphic representing Cannonsburgh and have the words “Friends of Cannonsburgh.”  It is due on Sept. 1.  Their next meeting is on Aug. 4.     
      We have an opportunity to have our works in a “judged” show.  Adams Place Assisted Living will have an art show.  We will judge their works and they will judge ours.  Please bring 2 pieces to put in the show on Aug. 8 or 15.  Works will hang for 2 weeks and be judged on Aug. 30 at 2 pm.
      Other shows lined up for fall are the Symphony in September (1 evening, plus you get free symphony tickets), Center for the Arts, and MidSouth Bank.  We are also looking into doing the studio tour in October!
      The new Linebaugh artist of the Month is Jack Freeman.  Congratulations Jack!
      Thank you goes to Harry Polny for teaching photography during the month of July.  We learned about different types of cameras, features, etc.
      Phyllis and Suzanne are just finishing up their second kids’ art “camps.”  The classes are going great, and we hope to have even more students next year.
      If you are planning to check out the artwork at the restaurant “Blue,” please tell them at the door that you are from the art league. You can ask for Mr. Pogue. They will start their artist of the month program in Oct.  It is a HUGE space for about 30 large paintings.
      Jerry’s Artarama is still showing some of our members’ art.  Talk to Amanda at Jerry’s if you want your art hung there.  By the way, I got a groupon for Jerry’s today.  You might want to look into it if you shop there often.  It was $19 for $40 worth of supplies.
      A part of the meeting was spent brainstorming.  We’ve decided to look into some demonstrations by professional artists   Other ideas were field trips for a plein aire day at the Sam Davis Home, a night photography trip, and possibly getting a laptop/projector or tv combo for school demonstrations, watching how-to videos, etc.  Does anyone know how to write grants??  Also, if you have any other ideas of the direction you want the art league to go, please e-mail them to me!!
     After the meeting, we ate, shared art, and catalogued our art that is on display in the gallery.  PLEASE make sure you work all has tags on it.  We almost sold a large piece on Sunday, but it had no tags or info!  The first 2 weeks in August we will do free painting, and Suzanne will teach a watercolor scene on the 3rd Monday (Aug 15).

Important dates to remember:
·   Aug. 1 – Free paint meeting
·   Aug 4 – Friends of Cannonsburgh meeting
·   Aug. 8 – Free paint meeting*
·   Aug. 15 – Watercolor with Suzanne* Bring work for judging @ Adams Place.
·   Aug. 22 – board meeting and biz meeting
·   Aug. 29 – Regular Eatin’ Meetin’ 6 pm!! (bring food and recent work to share.)
·   Aug. 30 , 2pm – Judge at Adams Place.

Interesting stuff :
·   This is a cute link for those with kids:  food sculptures!
·   Tomato Art Fest – Aug 13
·   Thru Sept 4 – Egyptian relics at the TN State Museum in Nashville
·   Cool site if you want to be more professional about your art – Xanadu Gallery (free videos)
·   Here’s an interesting blog called Paint Happens.
·   Here’s a cool site that I found:  It tells about all the upcoming music, arts, etc festivals in the surrounding area.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

June newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter – June
     I feel like a big “whew!” since this is the first time we don’t seem to be rushing to place things in a show or take one down.  It is kind of a relief.  The shows will pick back up in the fall with The Center for the Arts, Symphony, and MidSouth Bank events.  However, we are still taking animal and/ or water pictures for our own gallery.  We decided earlier this year to switch out mid-year to help draw repeat visitors and maybe improve publicity.
     You can bring your new artwork in to the gallery on Saturday, or on the 11th and 18th during the photography classes.  Just lean them against the walls.  While we are out taking pictures, Claire will arrange and hang the new ones and leave the old ones leaning for you to take home
     Each person can display up to 4 paintings or sculptural items.  That way everyone gets fair representation.  Remember that in order to show your work, you should also volunteer one day a month in the gallery.  *If you are unable to work the gallery, contact a board member so other arrangements can be made.
    I know I put this part in last month, but the offer still stands.  If you want to put together an “artist’s statement,” Jeff Mayfield has taught a class on this before and has offered to share his expertise.  This would be a great way to help promote your art.  If someone comes into the gallery and likes your work, they can get an info sheet on you!  Jeff can let you know what to include.  We now have a folder of about 6 artists’ statements to show guests that visit the gallery.  Yay!!
     Greg Pogue of the new restaurant “BLUE” was a guest speaker at the meeting on June 27th.  They will have Sunday Brunch, with jazz music and a baby grand piano.  He shared the menu items and his vision of having an “artist of the month” starting in September.  The restaurant is located in the Jackson heights shopping center near the movie theater.  The address is 810 NW Broad and the phone number is 410-3383 if you want more information.
     After the meeting, we shared food, fun and critiques of some of our art.
     If anyone is interested in helping with the future of Cannonsburgh, come to a “Friends of Cannonsburgh” meeting on July 5 at 6:30 pm in our gallery.  They also are having a contest to design a label for the friends group.  Contact Phyllis (see below) for more information.
     Uncle Dave Macon Days will be on July 8, 9, & 10.  We will need to work the gallery, so free tickets are available.  Contact Claire at 459-0943 if you need tickets.  There will be music, demonstrations, clogging, people in period dress, etc.
     Phyllis and Suzanne will be teaching children’s general art classes at the Sam Davis Home July 11-15, 8:30-12 (grades 5&6) and July 18-22, 8:30-12 (grades  7&8) and watercolor classes at Cannonsburgh July 25-29 (9-11 – grades 5&6, 1-3 – grades 7&8.  If you know of any families with kids, please spread the word.  All supplies will be provided. (Phyllis Razo) for more info.
     The Linebaugh artist of the month for July is Claire Smith, with abstracts.
     There will be no meeting on July 4, due to area fireworks shows.  Harry Polny will host a photography course on July 11 and 18. He asks everyone to bring a camera (preferably a CHARGED digital), tripod and external flash if you have them.  You might also want to bring a pencil/paper to take notes if you’re like me.


Important dates to remember:
·      July 4 – NO meeting due to 4th of July.
·      July 8, 9, & 10 Uncle Dave Macon Days
·      July 11 & 18 – Photography with Harry Polny
·      July 25 – biz mtg followed by snack & share! We might change this to a sketching night.  Give me your input

Interesting stuff going on:
·   Kids classes @ Sam Davis Home July 11-15, July 18-22 and @ Cannonsburgh July 25-29.  SPREAD THE WORD.

·   Thru Sept 4 – Egyptian relics at the TN State Museum in Nashville
·   Here’s a cool site that I found:  It tells about all the upcoming music, arts, etc festivals in the surrounding area.

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