Friday, November 30, 2012

December Newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League
Newsletter  Dec. 2012    
   Wow, it does not seem like it, but I have been doing these newsletters for over a year now.  Time sure flies!  It is kind of bittersweet that this will be my last one.
   We don’t have TOO much new news, but there are two big events on the horizon.  Our Christmas party will be this coming Monday, Dec 3 from 7-9.  Bring some yummy finger foods.  If you want to take part in our gift exchange, bring a small work of yours to exchange with fellow artists.  We will be drawing numbers, so make sure it is not for a specific person!
   The other event is the annual “Christmas at Cannonsburgh.”  We will be serving hot Cocoa and cookies and/or other small goodies.  This year, Cannonsburgh has asked us to charge a $1.00 fee for the hot chocolate, since another group is also selling it outside.  We will need help from 6-9 on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 7 and 8.  We also need folks who are willing to donate some cookies.  Here’s who I have listed so far:  Dec. 7 – Suzanne and Phyllis / Dec. 8 – Liz, Suzanne and Phyllis.  Katie and Peggy have signed up to bring cookies or goodies.
   Our new officers are ready to take over next month.  They are: 
Suzanne LeBeau - president, Liz Farar – vice president, Nanette Mathe – secretary, Phyllis Razo – treasurer.  Our other board members have not been finalized at the present time.

   Remember that dues will be due next month.  It is the start of a new year.  Dues will remain at the same level as last year.

   Class in January will be free painting.  However, we will have some penguin photos and a penguin sculpture provided by Peggy to provide some inspiration.  You are welcome to bring your own photos or still life set-ups to free painting nights.
   Our teacher for Febuary will be Jennifer Richardson, owner of Golden House Studio.
   I forgot to congratulate Mark Jackson for being our November Artist of the Month at Linebaugh Library.  This month, it will be Carol Berning.  (Congratulations to you, too!)  If you like Carol’s style, you need to ask her about some of the classes she offers.

   A big thank you goes out to all those who helped set up the gallery for the Christmas season.  It looks great.
   Also, thanks to those who helped with setting up for the symphony.  It was a great display.

Upcoming MAL events: 
·   Dec. 3 - Christmas Party
·   Dec. 7 & 8 Christmas at Cannonsburgh
·   Dec. 9 – mid April – Gallery closed to the public for viewing.
·   Dec. 24 and 31 – NO CLASSES due to the holidays.

A note from February’s teacher, Jennifer Richardson:
Session 1(Feb 4): profile portraits (views from the side)
Session 2(Feb. 11): frontal portraits (views from the front)
Session 3(Feb. 18): 3/4 view (somewhere between profile/frontal view)

Supplies: pencils, erasers, paper,  (optional) photos from home in profile, frontal, and 3/4 view

In each session we'll start with warm up drawings and then work on how to get the features of the face in the right places, tricks for drawing lips/eyes/noses, and personalizing the portraits to the subject.

I can work with any of the skill levels - there is always something to learn or improve on. I will bring examples from magazines for people to use but they are perfectly welcome to bring photos to work from if they would prefer that. I don't paint often so I won't be using any spirits or turpentine. Just bring pencils, erasers, and paper. I'll bring some smudgers to help with shading. The drawings that you leave with will be great foundations to add paint to when they wish. 

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Murfreesboro Symphony

The Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra (MSO) will be having a program this Thursday, November 8.  The show will be titled :  "Star Wars to Rachmaninoff:  The Music of Film" and will feature cast members from "A Chorus Line" in the lobby for a special event.  Our art league will have a booth showcasing our art.  We will set up at 5:30.  Guests usually start arriving at about 6:15.  Show starts at 7 at the First United Methodist Church in Murfreesboro.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

November newsletter

Nov. 2012    
   Last month, I was shivering.  Right now I’m hot.  This is a crazy autumn.  Now that October is almost over, don’t forget to take your art from the Center for the Arts Show on Oct. 30.  Claire will be there from 1-4.  PLEASE pick up your pieces because Claire does not want to haul all of those over to the gallery by herself!!
   This Sat., Oct. 27 will be the Harvest Days at Cannonsburgh.  It will be 10-5.  Please let us know if you can help out.  Phyllis will be out doing cooking demonstrations.
   Monday will be our 5th Monday “Eatin’ Meetin.”  We will bring goodies to eat as well as our latest pieces to show off and/or have critiqued.  If you want to dress up, this can be our Halloween party.  Does anyone have any theme music, like the “Monster Mash?”
   The first Friday art event will be on Nov. 2 from 9-noon.  If you are unable to come help on the weekends, this might be the right gig for you!  Let us know if you can come.
   November will be our watercolor month.  Phyllis Razo will be teaching the classes on Nov. 5, 12, and 19.  During the first two classes, we will focus on painting copper, enamel, and china.  On the last class, she will show how to show texture and shadows.
Supplies for watercolor class:
v Watercolor paper (available for purchase if you don’t have any) at least 8x10
v Your choice of brushes, not for OILs
v Basic watercolor palette of colors, the better the quality, the better it will look!
v Something to mix your colors on.  A foam, ceramic, or plastic plate will work if you don’t have a palette.
v Tape and backer board if you want to tape it down

   Note:  Michael’s is having a great sale:  You can get a pad of watercolor paper or canvas at “buy one, get one for a penny” price until Oct 27th.  There is also a 50% off printable coupon.  (disclaimer:  I do NOT get paid for this, it is for your info only!)
   Cannonsburgh will be staying open until the end of December.  That means we will be staying open until then also!  Some of the folks who have worked all summer are getting burned out.  If you love this art league and want to help out, please contact Suzanne or any board member.
   Congratulations need to go out to our members that together won 8 ribbons at the Wilson Bank Oktoberfest art competition!  Joanne Cheramie, Heloise Shilstat, Ted Stanley, Katie Plummer, and Suzanne LeBeau all won awards.  We used the booth to get the word out about the gallery and show off some of our art.  We also sold a few pieces.
      Harry will photograph your work for $3.00 per image.  We had several people sign up for this in the last couple of weeks. 
    December events will include the Christmas Party as well as Christmas at Cannonsburgh.  Dates will be posted next month.
     The Fisk University field trip has been postponed.  If you signed up, talk to Claire on Monday to reschedule.          
We had elections on Monday night.  The following have been elected and will take over their new positions starting in January:  Suzanne LeBeau –president, Liz Farar – vice president, Phyllis Razo – treasurer, Nanette Mathe – secretary.  Congratulations! 


Upcoming MAL events: 
·   Oct 27 – Harvest Days
·   Oct 29 – Eatin’ Meetin’  Halloween edition!
·   Nov 5, 12, 19 - Watercolor with Phyllis Razo
·   Nov 26 – Members’ biz mtg – Planning for Christmas at Cannonsburgh and requests for classes next year.  There will be no more regular meetings until next year!
·   Dec (tbd) Christmas Party
·   Dec. 7 & 8 Christmas at Cannonsburgh

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wilson Bank Oktoberfest

Y'all come on out to the Wilson Bank Oktoberfest!  It is like a county fair with lots of booths and contests.  We have several members with paintings in the competitions and we have a booth INSIDE the bank.  It's like a free gallery show.  Of course, if you feel so inclined, you are always welcome to purchase pieces!  We also have some members with outside booths.  Check it out!  Click on the link for more info.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Center for the Arts show

I have posted the pictures for the Center for the Arts show on our facebook page.  You can go here and see them. 

I'll try to figure out how to post them on our current exhibitions page.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Women Painters of the Southeast

I didn't know if you were all aware that our own Carol Berning has been juried into the prestigious organization "Women Painters of the Southeast."  Please check out their blog:

or their facebook page:

If you are a woman and do representational work, you are eligible to try out for this, too.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Center for the Arts exhibit and "On Golden Pond"

Don't forget that we have the Center for the Arts Exhibit starting on Tuesday.  We will have the reception on Friday from 5-7, with drinks and finger foods.  The play that evening is "On Golden Pond."  If you need tickets for the play, or just want more info about it, check it out here:
  The exhibit will run through October 30.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't forget that next week starts our palette knife painting classes.  

      Paint : oils or acrylic (and basic things that go with them like odorless turpentine, paper towels, etc.)
     Medium flexible palette knife.
     Canvas or canvas board  NO SMALLER than 11" x 14"  Monday: 

1st night:  Oct. 1 - is a practice to get the feel of the palette knife.
2nd night: Oct. 8 - Bring a picture to paint. A landscape works best.

3rd night:  Oct. 15 - tba/ We will probably finish working on the previous week's work.  We will decide on Oct. 8.

Also, don't forget to bring your pieces for the Center for the Arts Show on Tuesday, Oct. 2 from 11-2 and help hang at 2.  The reception is Fri, Oct. 5 from 5-7.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

October newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter Oct. 2012    
   I sit here, and although it is technically still summer, I’m shivering!  Yay,  Autumn is on its way.  This means that our busiest season is upon us!  If you have not switched your art over to fall/winter pics, please do so asap.
   First, we have some people to thank!  Thanks to those who helped with the MidSouth Bank Exhibit.  Another “thank you” goes to Harry Polny for stepping in on short notice to fill a vacancy in our Linebaugh Library Artist of the Month for September.  Mark Jackson will have the honor for the month of October.  Congratulations!
   Now…on to the juicy stuff:  The Center for the Arts show set-up date is Oct 2.  Bring 4-5 pieces if possible between 11 and 2.  Stay a bit and help hang from 2-?. Please bring a hammer.  The reception is on Oct 5 from 5-7.  The play that will be opening that evening will be “On Golden Pond.”  If you want to attend the play, please contact Suzanne.  Art will be on display until Oct 30, when we will take down from 1-3.
   The other big event this October is the Wilson Bank Oktoberfest. We will have our booth INSIDE the bank.  (Thanks Katie for your work on this!) More info  coming shortly!
   Cannonsburgh will be staying open until the end of December.  That means we will be staying open until then also!  Some of the folks who have worked all summer are getting burned out.  If you love this art league and want to help out, please contact Suzanne or any board member.
   The Parks and Recreation Dept. will be using our building for a variety of craft projects.  They will be supervised SMALL classes. [Oct 2 – Halloween (6-10 yr olds), Oct 4 – Shrink art (11-15 yr olds)] Also, we will have a First Friday Art event where the gallery is open.  Claire has volunteered, but it is a great time to show off your artistic style.  (Oct 5, 9-noon)
   The Smyrna Senior Citizen’s group is going to visit the artists’ colony in Paducah, KY.  Contact Phyllis if you are interested.
   Harry will photograph your work for $3.00 per image.  This is great for making cards or prints or putting your pictures on the internet.
     We are in need of a volunteer for this Sun to work with Harry! Please e-mail me

Upcoming MAL events: 
·   Sept 24 – sketching live models
·   Sept 29 - Smyrna Depot Days AND TACA at Centennial
·   Oct 2-30  – Center for the Arts Exhibit
·   Oct 5 – Center for the Arts Reception 5-7
·   Oct 1, 8, 15 Palette knife painting with Clarice
·   Oct 20-21 – Wilson Bank Oktoberfest (PRIZES!)
·   Oct 22 – Member meeting VOTING! *board meeting tba
·   Oct 27 – Harvest Days
·   Oct 29 – Eatin’ Meetin’  Halloween edition!

Next meeting will be VOTING!  So far, we have the following running:  Suzanne LeBeau for president, Phyllis Razo for treasurer, Nanette Mathe for secretary, and Clarice Nelson and Claire Smith as board members.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reminder about Monday

This Monday, we will be switching our business meeting and the scheduled "Painting Live Models" class.  The class will be postponed a week, so we can take care of some important business.
Biz mtg = Sept 17
Model class = Sept 24

We also need volunteers for the weekend to work the gallery, please.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Greenway Arts Festival this Sat

The Murfreesboro Art League will have several of its artists showing in the Greenway Arts Festival in Murfreesboro this Saturday.  It is at the Old Fort Park from 10-4.  Come on out and support your fellow artists.  As far as I know, the following are participating:  Mark Jackson, Carole Carroll, Carol Berning, Heloise Shilstat and Suzanne LeBeau.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

september newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter Sept. 2012    
     Oh, we have had a fabulous, busy August!  The oil painting classes with Mary “Missy” Miller Veazie were a huge success, with so many members some nights, we were practically “busting at the seams!”  She is an excellent teacher, who has a particular ease with her students.  If you are interested in taking other classes with her, contact The Attic School of Art.
     We still have several members with artworks up in the Rotunda.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please do so before Sept. 7!  This is also a reminder to those members who are exhibiting there – Don’t forget to get your pieces down.
     As you step outside the Rotunda, hop on over (well, you don’t have to literally HOP, of course!) to the Linebaugh Library to check out our Artist of the Month.  Suzanne has it until the end of August, when _______ (Fill in your name here) takes over.  That’s right, we’ve had a change and do NOT have an artist for September.  If you are a beginning artist with not too many pieces, this is a great opportunity for you!  It is an enclosed glass shelf unit with 3 shelves. Six or nine pieces will be enough.
     While you are on your little art tour, check out the MidSouth Bank exhibit downtown.  Some of our members brought works to be displayed there this month.  They will be shown through September 17.
     Another great art event this September will be the Greenway Art Festival on September 15 from 10-4 at Old Fort Park on the Stones River Greenway. Here’s the application if you want to register and to get more info about it.
    If you don’t have your stuff together in time to do the Greenway Festival, never fear!  We have 2 more ways to show your work and be seen.  In October, we will have our annual Center for the Arts Show.
     Also, the gallery will be participating in the Wilson Bank Oktoberfest at their main branch in Lebanon.  This is a big festival with car show and competitions.  There are several prize categories for fine art, as well as photography!  Check it out here:
       Remember: We will not have a meeting on Sep 3 due to the Labor Day Holiday!
    The rest of September will be “free paint” month.  Bring whatever media you prefer and get busy.  Just for a little focus, we will have some still life areas set up on Sept. 10 and discuss what elements make a good set-up.  On Sept. 17, we will take turns posing for each other in a “live model” workshop.  We will have time limits, so you are forced to look at the big picture instead of messing with fiddly details.  Bring lots of sketch paper (or typing paper) and pencil or charcoal if you want to participate in this.
     We are in need of volunteers for this Sat and Sun! Please e-mail me at

Upcoming MAL events: 
·   Sep 3- NO MEETING – Labor Day
·   Sep 15 – Greenway Festival
·   Sep 10- Free paint day –still life set-up
·   Sep 17 – MidSouth exhibit comes down
·   Sep 17 –Free paint day – live models
·   Sep 24 – Member meeting
·   Oct 2-30  – Center for the Arts Exhibit
·   Oct 5 – Center for the Arts Reception 5-7
·   Oct 1, 8, 15 Palette knife painting with Clarice
·   Oct 20-21 – Wilson Bank Oktoberfest (PRIZES!)
·   Oct 22 – Member meeting VOTING! *board meeting tba
·   Oct 29 – Eatin’ Meetin’


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Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter
August 2012    
   Ok, so things at the art league have been a little wonky lately, but will soon return to their regular state.  The air conditioner has been fixed.  Boy howdy! You don’t really appreciate things until they break!  Thanks to everyone who braved the heat for Uncle Dave Macon Days!
   Last month, the pastel class was held the LAST 2 Mondays of the month.  Thanks for being flexible Katie, and thanks for teaching the class! 
   This month, our oil teacher, Mary “Missy” Miller Veazie had a death in her family and had to miss the first week.  We switched her classes to the LAST 3 weeks of the month and moved our meeting to the first to accommodate.  We already have a large number, so if you haven’t already registered, you are welcome to come, but setting up extra easels will be difficult. *(supplies in sidebar)
   Several of our artists, Harry, Suzanne, Marilyn, and Carol B (along with several others) have works at the Rotunda for a special show celebrating the bicentennial of Murfreesboro.  Reception is TONIGHT- Thurs, Aug 9 from 4:30-6pm.  The show runs through Sept 7.
   We have a special event this Friday evening at Cannonsburgh.  They have asked us to have the gallery open.  We’ll be there painting and chatting with visitors, so come on out and join us.
   The MidSouth Bank exhibit will be set up on Aug. 20 from 2-4 and will run until Sept. 17.  Keep pieces 16x20 or under please.
   On Aug. 25, at least 2 of our members (Carol Berning and Heloise Shilstat) will have works on display at the Art Barn’s August Art Jubilee.  We will be taking a roadtrip to go visit them.  This might be something we want to try in the future.
   We will be switching our MAL gallery out on Sept. 8th.  If you have some fall/winter paintings, please bring them in on a weekend.(Sat 10-4 or Sun 1-4)  We will NOT be switching during the oil classes due to space limitations and/or class interruptions.  If you bring something on a Monday night, we will hang it on the weekend, and you can pick up your old work the following Monday.
   Classes for the month of Sept. will be:  Sept. 3 – No class due to Labor Day Holiday, Sept. 10 – Free paint (We will have some still life displays set up if you want to practice those.), Sept. 17 – Free paint and sketching live models.  October will be palette knife painting with Clarice.  November will be watercolors, but the teacher hasn’t been determined yet.
   I am the artist of the month at the Linebaugh Library.  Come check it out.  We still need ONE more person to be it for September.
   Art camp had 13 children participate.  It was fun and informative.  According to questionnaires, parents want it again at fall break.
   Just a note:  Things are looking up economically!  MAL members have sold at least 7 pieces since the beginning of the year!  Woo hoo!

Upcoming MAL events: 
·   Aug 13, 20, &27- oil classes FULL
·   Aug 20-Sept 17- MidSouth Bank exhibit
·   Aug 25- Roadtrip to the Art Barn art fair
·   Sep 3- NO MEETING – Labor Day
·   Sep 10- Free paint day –still life set-up
·   Sep 17 –Free paint day – live models
·   Aug 25 – Fine art show at the ArtBarn

Oil class supplies:  Missy will supply photos.
Brushes- a couple round brushes sizes from size 2 to 8. Filberts are what we will use the most so a few sizes of this, a 6 or 8 is a good choice. A bright brush is helpful in some cases but not necessary. A rigger is necessary for signing your painting.
Odorless turpenoid – artist grade is best. 
Paper towels
Rubber gloves 
Canvas 11x14 or close to that size
Vine charcoal
Palette knife 

Limited palette of oil colors : titanium white, Cad medium yellow, yellow ochre,  cad red, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, sap green,  if your colors are close to these but a different name, no problem.  Don’t put your colors on your palette until class if you want to be shown where it is best to place them.

 For questions and comments, please reply to the e-mail below for Suzanne.  Thanks!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello all!  The a/c has been fixed.  Since the pastel class was postponed, we will be having it this Monday instead of our usual 5th Monday Eatin' Meetin'.  We will start with oils the following Monday (August 6) .  I only have 5 signed up so far.  I'll send the supply list sometime this week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

no meeting Monday

There will be no class tonight due to the a/c still being out.  They have accepted a bid and will work on it asap.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Member Art

Check out the new Member Art page.  We have it updated for the spring/summer show.  There are up to 2 paintings per artist shown here.  Each artist has up to 5 in the show at the gallery.  If you like what you see, come visit the gallery from 10-4 on Sat or 1-4 on Sun.  It is at: Cannonsburgh Village, 312 South Front Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129   Directions are in the sidebar.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter June 2012    
         Whew, we made it through our crazy spring months!  The gallery is now open on a regular basis on Sat from 10-4 and Sun from 1-4.  Invite your friends and relatives to stop by.  However, in order to keep it open, and keep our friends at Cannonsburgh happy , we have to do some volunteer work.  That’s the whole point of our league.  We all work together to keep it running.  That way, we can keep our fees low and don’t have to HIRE a gallery caretaker.  Right now, we are not charging for wall space EXCEPT for a shift per month of your volunteer time.  We are quite excited that the economy seems to be recovering, as is noted by the fact that we have now sold about 7 pieces in the past year.  Chances of selling your work increase if you are there to tell them the story behind it, or if you are working on something while they are watching.
            Our “Taste of Art” event was a lot of fun.  The gallery looks absolutely fabulous!  However, we are calling this first year a learning experience.  We actually lost a bit of money, but it was about the same amount we would have spent for any fancy event.  Next year, we will tweak a few things.  If you have suggestions or comments, please let us know and we’ll bring them up at the next meeting.
            The Linebaugh artist of the month program is suspended for the month of June due to a special promotional event at the library, and they needed our display case.  I’m not sure what it is yet, but it might be for the summer reading program.  If you haven’t done this yet, please do.  Libraries get their funding by the number of patrons and number of books checked out, so please support your local library.  Even adults can join the summer reading program!
            Our classes for June 4, 11, &18 will be the “Out of the Box” challenge, where we paint animals or buildings in outlandish colors.  Supplies:  Photo reference, your own painting/drawing supplies in any medium, an extremely open mind. We’ll provide some samples to go by.
            If you know of any children that are entering 4th through 9th grades who enjoy art, please give them the information below:
 We will be having 2 different children’s art camps this summer.  One is at the Sam Davis Home in Smyrna from July 9-13.  The one that will be July 16-20  is at the Murfreesboro Art League gallery at the back of Cannonsburgh Historic Village. For BOTH, 4th-6th grades will be from 9-12 and 7th -9th grades will be from 1-4. It is only $60 for the week, which will include a sketchbook and painting materials.  There is a minimum of 4 or 5 participants with a maximum of 10.  If we go over, we will try to schedule an extra class
                We will be doing watercolor, acrylics, sketching, and colored pencils.  Beth Moore has offered to do encaustics, which is painting with melted colored waxes if people are interested.  Topics covered will be:  mixing colors - color wheel and beyond, composition, value and color combinations that look good together.  We will also experiment with the acrylics, including a marbleized look and making "skins."  We will culminate the week with a sketch/painting of one of the historic buildings.
 Please call 631-6346 for more information.
Upcoming MAL events: 
·   Mon, June 4, 11, 18 – “Out of the Box” challenge – painting with bright colors
·   Mon, June 25 – Meetings
·   July 2, 9, and 16 – Pastels with Katie Plummer
·   July 9-13 – Sam Davis summer camp for kids
·   July 13, 14, & 15 Uncle Dave Macon Days WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!
·   July 16-20 – Cannonsburgh summer camp for kids
·   July 25 – Meetings

Other items of interest:
·   There are new exhibits at the Frist.  Check them out.
·   June 28 – Country Music Night 7-9 at Cannonsburgh.
·   Every Tues night at Cannonsburgh – Movies under the stars start at 8.
·   The 3rd Fri of every month at Cannonsburgh – Bluegrass music from 7-9.

We update our membership roster each May, so this might be your last newsletter.  If you haven’t paid dues yet, please be sure to do so.  If you are getting this newsletter through the blog, please disregard this notice.

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