Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April newsletter

Our big events below are the Symphony Thursday Night and the grand spring opening of the gallery on Saturday from 10-4!

We need someone to volunteer for the position of helping hang artwork in the gallery (and for shows if you are available.)  Claire is stepping down, and we need someone to fill the position.
Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter April      
       I don’t know how, but April quickly crept up on me!  With the coming of spring, you know that our own gallery opening is not far off!  In fact, we need to have our pieces in to the gallery THIS coming Monday night!  Please drop off some newer pieces, or ones that were not up last year.  The gallery opening is next Saturday, which poses a HUGE problem.  FIVE of our board members who usually help keep the gallery open will not be available next Saturday.  We have to keep the gallery open from 10-4 as part of the deal of them letting us keep the building.  So, we will be calling many, many people this weekend to get it covered.  If you can help and we haven’t already contacted you, please e-mail Suzanne!
     Speaking of Monday night, this Monday the time frame will be a little different.  We will meet from 5-7 pm to do our plein aire painting around Cannonsburgh, since sunset is still too early.  Then, at the regular 7 pm time slot, we will hang pieces that have been brought (and wait about 15 min for late arrivals) and then go to Adams Place for a field trip to see their group mural which was spearheaded by Mark Jackson.
     This Thursday, we have another symphony exhibit.  Our own Helen Minton will have a solo spot, and we will have the group exhibit up also.  FREE symphony tickets go to the first 3 people to respond, but we can have as many as we want to display.
     The artist for the month at the Linebaugh library is Harry Polny.  Also, Claire Smith has an exhibit at EarthSoul gallery in Smyrna.  Her grand opening is Fri, Apr 13 from 6-9. Go check them out.    
     Beth Moore did a fabulous job with her encaustics classes.  Everyone got a bit messy and had a great time.  Hopefully, some members will bring their pieces to the Eatin’ Meetin’ on April 30 at 7 pm.
     We had the Rotunda reception this past Thursday.  It went quite well, in spite of the rain and hail.  We had about 35 attendees and lots of great food.  Rev. Newsom provided lovely music while we viewed the art and chatted.  The exhibit continues through May 4.
     Our Wine and Cheese event is only a month away.  We will need paintings and/or art related baskets for our silent auction.  Please consider helping donate to this effort.  If you know anyone who will donate supplies OR wine to this cause, please let us know!  We will send invitations out in a week or so.
     Our class schedule for May has not yet been set.  We might even have to change our business meeting due to so many family gatherings on Memorial Day.
     If you have not yet paid your dues for 2012, please do so ASAP.  We need to get our e-mail list updated and a membership directory printed.

REMINDER:  If you have business to discuss during one of our classes, please take it outside.  The instructors deserve our respect and attention during their valuable time.  Many of them are giving us a huge discount over their normal rates, and we are truly grateful!