Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fixing the problem AND a few things I missed from the newsletter

Okie dokie... I found out what was wrong with my links.  The card I had said "dot COM," but it was supposed to be a "dot ORG.
Here's the real link to the Studio Tour site.  Check it out!  The artisans are fabulous!

Also, I forgot to say for Phyllis's class in drawing, she wants you to bring an eraser as well as a board, easel, or sturdy backing to put the paper on.

Kathee Claiborne of the Attic School will be out artist of the month at the Linebaugh Library.  Go see what she has on display!

At this time, we do not have anyone running for the offices of President and Secretary.  These are very important jobs for the running of the organization. The nominating committee will be calling around.  If you are unable to work the gallery on weekends, maybe becoming an officer can be your input to help our club thrive! We all must work together if this is to work. Elections are at the next meeting on Nov. 24.