Friday, May 16, 2014

newsletter coming soon

We did not have our last board meeting an member due to nasty weather and we are NOT having one this month due to Memorial Day. Therefore, we'll put out a newsletter part way between. (soon)
Meanwhile, it is time to get ready for our ROTUNDA show.

If you have paid your dues for 2014, you can put up to SIX pieces in the Rotunda show.
Set-up is this coming Monday, May 19 from 2-4 pm. Please make sure your pieces are there by 3, since we will be hanging from about 3-4. Please bring nails and a hammer if you have them. Know your pieces' names, sizes and prices!

The reception has been moved!! We did not have enough pics to do the flyer in time for it to be next Thursday, so it is now Thursday, JUNE 12 
from 4:30-6 pm.

Break-down will still be June 20, which is a Friday.

Here are a few of the digital images submitted so far of pieces people plan to put in the show. I'll have more photos after Monday.
"Abandoned House," oil by Virginia Clark

doll watercolor by Bobbie Bittner

Pastel abstract by Claire Smith

torn paper flowers by Heloise Shilstat

watercolor sunflowers by Phyllis Razo

"Vision," acrylic by Suzanne LeBeau