Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter – Oct. 2014

 IMPORTANT: Drawing class starting THURS, Oct 2. It will be 7-9 pm in the gallery. Bring a sketchbook that is at least 11x14. Pencils will be provided. Price is $60 for all 5 classes! Contact Phyllis for more info.  
October classes: October 6, 13, and 20 – Watercolor on YUPO! One of our favorite instructors, Marilyn Brisbois is back with her interesting techniques on YUPO “paper.” Supplies needed are watercolor paints, brushes and a largish palette. You will also need plenty of paper towels and/or tissues. You can bring things to scrape with like old credit cards or those shaper tools. Marilyn has some some stamps, rollers etc to pass around. You will need one sheet of YUPO per class, although last time, I painted on BOTH sides to save money. Of course, if you make a masterpiece, you will be up a creek! A sheet that is approx 11x11 is $1.00.

October Artists of the Month: This month, the Linebaugh artist of the month is Carol Berning. She does mostly oil paintings of people and landscapes. The featured artist at our gallery will be Linda Rex. Come see her colored pencil works on the display wall! This will be a great way to showcase the gallery in local media. Speaking of this, do we have someone who is good at writing articles? We’d love to have a PR person!!
Special thanks go to Claire and Peggy for helping with the student tours this month. The kids love it!

Attention new members: We will be using November to showcase new member artwork at the Linebaugh Library. We will be asking for one piece from each new artist who is willing, up to the first 9, so start working!!

Thank you to everyone who brought in their new paintings for Fall. If your pieces have been up for the whole year so far, they will be waiting for you in the back.

Showing your art – Have you thought of taking your pieces over to Jerry’s Artarama in Antioch? They will let you show 2 pieces. Also, the Mayday Brewery is having themed shows.
If you are interested in submitting for the Mayday shows - please contact Dawna at for more info. Submissions should be sent at least one week prior to when the show is to be hung.

Our new sign is on its way! It has been ordered and will be similar to all of the signs on the buildings at Cannonsburgh.

At some point, we will be asked to help with the fall festival at Cannonsburgh, but I’m not sure when it is. I’ll let you know!

Dates to remember:
·         Oct. 6,13, and 20  – Watercolor on YUPO
·         Oct. 25 – Harvest Days at Cannonsburgh
·         Oct. 27 – Members’ business meeting

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