Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Boro Art Crawl call for artists

We are asking local artists from the middle TN area to submit art for the Boro Art Crawl. What's an art crawl, you ask?? It's where folks go from business to business viewing art that is being shown there. Currently, we have about 21 venues, in addition to several art galleries, that will be showing art, including the Murfreesboro Art League. If you are an artist, have at least 5 pieces of art, and wish to get your name out there for FREE, please check out the link for more info.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Painting classes - great opportunities in Murfreesboro!

Don't forget that we have several other learning opportunities besides our Monday night classes!

If you are into watercolor painting and want to improve in a more direct manner, why not take Carol Curtis's classes on Wed and Thurs from 10-2:30? Take a look at her work:
You can contact her at for more info.

If you prefer oils, you can take Missy Veazie's classes on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 12:30 starting on Sept. 5th. Here's her website: You can contact her at

Also, we have Gayle Levee teaching oils on Saturday from 9-noon. Her website is: and you can email her at

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September newsletter

Murfreesboro Art League Newsletter
September 2015 S
Upcoming classes:
We are so excited to have fabulous art teachers two months in a row. We learned a LOT in Carol Berning’s oil portraits class last month. Now, it’s time to work with Mark Jackson in acrylics.  I will have to attach his list of supplies separately, so look for it in the email. Please note that he says to bring OLD brushes. This is because acrylics that dry on the brush are a BEAR to get out. If you are a good little boy or girl and take care of your brushes, it will not be a problem.
Artists of the month
The Linebaugh Library’s artist of the month is Carol Curtis. Peggy Miles will be our gallery’s artist of the month. Come see what these two artists have in store for us!
We are going to have 3 (yes, count them – THREE) tents at this year’s Greenway Art Festival. In addition, member, Heloise Shilstat will have a booth showcasing her torn-paper art. If you are interested in showing your art/HELPING at the booth, please email me at Here’s who I have helping/showing now: Jack Freeman, Norma Holder, Ted Stanley, Bobbie Bittner, Phyllis Razo, Harry Polny, Peggy Miles, and Suzanne LeBeau. If you are helping in the gallery that day, you may send some of your pieces for us to show because you are already providing an important service! Gayle’s Saturday morning oil class will be out there doing plein air paintings, and (hopefully) drawing attention to our booth!
Thank you! A big thank you goes out to those who helped at the gallery during the busy summer months, the “Back to School Blast” and the “Wild Arts Day.” These things all help give a positive view of our gallery to the public.
Gayle Levee is accepting reservations for her fall and winter classes. One of the methods she will cover is “pre-mixing paints so you don’t lose the spontaneity of plein air works. The 4 week class starts on Sept. 9 on Sat. mornings. Contact Gail at for more info.

Rotunda show:
Thank you to all that helped with the Rotunda show. It was one of our best shows yet. We had nearly double the attendance, and the pictures were fabulous.
Greek Festival
If you want some good photo-ops and great food, visit the Greek Festival in Nashville the weekend after Labor Day. Ask Ted! He’ll even say something in Greek for you!

Upcoming elections: We will soon be having elections. Our organization has gotten itself into a bit of a bind by having the same people just rotating jobs. We need some new folks who are willing to run for office. I know, I KNOW you are going to tell us you are too busy right now. If that’s the case, consider a job with fewer duties. Here’s a BRIEF breakdown of the jobs. For more info, contact the person currently serving in that position. We will have nominations open for the next 2 months. Elections will occur in November and jobs will start in January.

President: Runs the meetings – keeps up with agenda items, keeps us on track J, and acts as spokesperson with outside groups
Vice President – organizes our classes (about 6 teachers per year) Group will help with this if need be! Runs the meetings when President is absent.
Treasurer – Takes care of money, bills, and checks, etc.
Recording Secretary – Takes minutes at meetings and types them up to send to board. Reads minutes at following meeting.
Corresponding Secretary – Takes the minutes and turns them into a newsletter format. Posts newsletter on Facebook and blog.
We also have board members who are in charge of things like scrapbooks, hanging the gallery, and more!
Please consider running – remembering that we are ALL busy people, but we NEED to work together to keep this gallery running smoothly.

 Dates to remember:
·         Sept 7, 14 and 21 – Mark Jackson teaches acrylics
·         Sept 11-13 = Greek Festival
·         Sept 19 – Greenway Festival
·         Sept 28 – Monthly members’ meeting
Our gallery is in the process of setting up for the fall show. Here are a few previews. However, this might change, since some folks have not switched out their pics yet.

Come find us! Look for our sign in the back of Cannonsburgh.   Adult classes and/or open studio time are on Mondays 7-9 pm

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