Tuesday, February 28, 2017

 March 6th, 13th, & 20th 2017 classes-
Carol Berning's material list:

The focus for the month will be on developing values in a still life.

The first night, we will use charcoal. The second and third nights we will use oils.

For the first night, participants should bring vine charcoal in a variety of hardnesses, a kneaded eraser, and either paper, canvas, or board, sketch paper, and a fat, black marker (
paper for charcoal or pastels (Strathmore, Canson, etc)).  Also it would be handy to have some small/medium tortillions (blending stumps) for the first night.

For the second and third nights, participants should bring one or two canvases or boards (can be the same one from first night or a separate one) plus paints, odorless mineral spirits (gamsol), brushes, and paper towels, black marker, sketch paper, and a plastic bag for your trash.

I recommend these colors:
Alizarin crimson (or permanent rose)
Cad red light
Cad yellow light
Indian yellow
Ultramarine blue
Cerulean blue
Burnt sienna
Burnt umber
Titanium white